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Law School held2023 Symposium 澳门新莆京app9817on the undergraduate student representative of the year of the year
2023-07-01 09:11  

澳门新莆京app9817To learn to implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics, Implement“ Breeding-based” School running philosophy,6 month20 Day afternoon, The School of Law is in XingB207 Hold2023 Annual undergraduate representative symposium。 Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Law、 Dean Hao Lei, Deputy Dean Guo Minglon澳门新莆京app9817g, Undergraduate Teaching Secretary Zhang Yan, and the squad leader from all grades of undergraduate、 League Branch Book、 Learning members、 Students' Organization and other student representatives participated in the discussion and exchange, The meeting was chaired by Vice President Guo Minglong。

澳门新莆京app9817Law School attaches great importance to undergraduate teaching, Dean Hao Lei first clarified the purpose and significance of holding this symposium, a澳门新莆京app9817nd expressed hope to take this meeting as an opportunity, Understand students' needs、 Listen to students' hearts, Promoting the improvement of teaching methods and optimization of the teaching environment, Improve the quality of undergraduate teaching and teaching management level。

At the symposium, Student representatives present enthusiastically, From course settings and arrangements, respectively、 Education and Teaching Training Mode、 Extra-cl澳门新莆京app9817ass competition activity project、 Postgraduate internship needs、 Accommodation and living facilities and other aspects to make opinions and suggestions。

澳门新莆京app9817The leaders of the meeting and the teacher carefully listened to the speech by each student representative, Combined with the actual situation of the school and the college, A response and patient answer to various questions, and said that the problems raised by the students are systematically sorte澳门新莆京app9817d out, Put forward the corresponding plan and implement the solution。

澳门新莆京app9817In a summary speech, Dean Hao Lei expressed his gratitude to the students' suggestions。 He emphasized, The college will carefully absorb the various constructive opinions proposed by the students, Actively strive for school、 Society and other aspects of platform resources, Greed students' vision, Help students comprehensively develop, I hope that all representatives will continue to play 澳门新莆京app9817an important bridge and bond between the class and the college, Continuous attention、 Early sorting、 Time to feedback students' demands, Help the school's teaching quality comprehensive improvement。

澳门新莆京app9817Regular student representative symposiums provided a platform for close contact,19112-19122, Efficient communication, Make the college more understand the difficulties and confusion encountered by students in the process of studying and liv澳门新莆京app9817ing in campus, In order to promote the improvement of the education and teaching management of the college、 It provides an important reference for strengthening the creation of excellent academic style。 Future, The college will continue to practice the original intention and mission of the Lideshu people, upholds“ Cultivate high-quality application-oriented legal talents, Serving socio-economic construction and the development of the rule of law”澳门新莆京app981719243-19246, Based on the needs of student growth, For the rule of law China、 The construction of the rule of law in Tianjin to cultivate more high-quality rule of law。

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