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Tianjin Normal University Law Education Fund donation proposal
2019-12-17 15:41  


澳门新莆京app9817Society of Society and the majority of alumni:

Hello everyone!

澳门新莆京app9817Tianjin Normal University Law Majors was founded in1980 Years, It is one of the earliest legal majors in Tianjin。 Next year coincides with the establishment of Law major40 Anniversary。40 Over the years, Our hos澳门新莆京app9817pital always upholds“ Cultivate high-quality application-oriented legal talents, Serving local socio-economic development”358-362“ Chong Demingfa、 Education” College training, Careful school, Endurance, I made my own contribution to the development of the country and the local social and economy。 Long-term development, Our hospital has achieved good results in discipline and professional construction。 Our college laws are key disciplines in Tianjin College、 Tianjin City“ Regi澳门新莆京app9817onal integration and construction of the rule of law” Lead Disciplines of Special Discipline Group, It is also a key construction discipline for the frontier active discipline and first-level doctoral authority of 澳门新莆京app9817Tianjin Normal University; Our College Law Majors has been approved by the Ministry of Education's special majors to build special majors、 Tianjin High School Brand Professional Construction Unit、 Pilot Unit of the Ministry of Education ’s undergraduate reform of law、 Tianjin's undergraduate com澳门新莆京app9817prehensive reform pilot unit、 Tianjin Higher Education Professional Construction Unit。 This year as the school determined14 First-class undergraduate majors are recommended as Tianjin first-class undergraduate major construction units。 In terms of talent training, Dear teachers devote themselves to educate people, He has trained more than 10,000 outstanding legal talents for the society, Especially in the country, 澳门新莆京app9817especially in Tianjin Political and Law System, The figure of legal students of Tianjin No澳门新莆京app9817rmal University everywhere, Many alumni have become the backbone force of the political and legal front and scholars who have certain influence in China。 In terms of scientific research, The quality of scientific research achievements is continuously improved, The number of high-level scientific research projects continues to increase,2017 Breakthrough in the declaration of major projects in the National Social Science Fund。 In terms of service society, Teachers and students of our school participated in 澳门新莆京app9817various legal services, Many teachers serve as Legislative Consultation Experts of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal People's Congress、 Tianjin Municipal Government Legal Consultant、 Tianjin Municipal Government Legal Think Tank Expert、 An Expert of Trial Research Center of the Case Research Center of Tianjin Court、 Tianjin Judge Prosecutor's Prosecutor's Social Part-time jobs and other members, And as consulting experts and legal consultants of government and units in various districts and 澳门新莆京app9817counties, For Tianjin Legislative Legal、 Justice、 Law enforcement and the popularization of law have made positive contributions。 Due to outstanding results,2016 Divided by the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Justice“2011-2015 Enthusiasm for the National Legal Propaganda and Education of the National Legal System”。

澳门新莆京app9817Current, Our hospital is in a climbing crown、22202-22211。 The upper level of the college and the discipline、 Upper level, The attention and help of all sectors of society and the m澳门新莆京app9817ajority of alumni, For this, Special Establishment“ Tianjin Normal University Law Education Fund”。 Welcome to all social virtues and alumni alumni based on the principle of voluntary, Donation in the name of an individual or group。 The fund is mainly used for the following purpose, To better promote the development of the college: One, Talent introduction。 Help the college introduces high-level talents, Provide talent support for it to accelerate development; Its 2, Excellent Teacher Reward。 Inspirational 澳门新莆京app9817college teachers concentrate on teaching and scientific research、 Service Society, Make outstanding performance; Its three, Academic exchanges and platform construction。 Support teachers and students to carry out academic exchanges, Create an academic platform, Help the college improves academic influence。 The larger amount of donations, It can also be named to set up a special talent introduction fund、 Award-winning gold、 Academic Fund, etc.。

The donor has a donation intention, Please contact the colle澳门新莆京app9817ge directly。 If a letter、 When contacting the mail or fax,澳门新莆京app9817, Please indicate“ Tianjin Normal University Law Education Fund” Word, Also indicate the name of the donor、 Contact information。 Such as an alumni donation, Please indicate the specific grade of the donor when he was studying at his alma mater。 After the donor is donated, We will be on the college website“ Social donation” The name and related information of the donor published in the column, At the same time, 澳门新莆京app9817a donation certificate is issued to the donor, and send a re澳门新莆京app9817gister for the donation personnel through printing、 Set the display window、 Internet promotion and other ways to promote the donors。 For the outstanding contributions and alumni, We will be under construction40 Anniversary celebration and other major activities of the college will be recognized。 We will timely announce the donation status and use of money through the website, Such a donor and all sectors of the society to supervise。

Contact: Teacher Shu

Contact number:022-2376633013512242065


Contact mailbox:shubinsheng@12澳门新莆京

Mailing address: Tianjin West West West Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin393 No. Tianjin Normal University Law School; Postcode:300387

澳门新莆京app9817Sincerely thank you for your attention and help! Wish to trick the flow of the development of Dharma Dharma injecting the continuous power of the development of Dharma!

              Tianjin Normal University Law School

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