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澳门新莆京app9817Law School receives 2024 Recommended Master Graduate Re -examination and admission work rules

17343_1736017385_17399复试 and admission The relevant matters 澳门新莆京app9817of the work are as follows:


17821_17833 2024 General Graduate Graduates of General College can apply for a master's degree in our university。


2.18115_18128, May service for the construction of the motherland, Good morals, Compliance with the law;

澳门新莆京app98173. The physical health status of the applicant shall meet the medical examination standards stipulated by the Ministry of Education;

4. Foreign Language Level requirements:

The first foreign language s澳门新莆京app9817pecies of our colleges should be exempted from the first foreign language.

18886_18898 Undergraduate majors19098_19110 CET-4 score reached 420 points and above; The undergraduate major is English major要求 Level 4 and above

19607_19619, Requirement


(2) Receive professional description

20038_20050 Graduate School Published "Tianjin Normal University2024 Annual Recommended Master of Graduate Graduates List of Professional List”。

澳门新莆京app9817Sign up to participate in the 澳门新莆京app9817history of law、 Constitution and Administrative Law、 Criminal Law、21195_21199、 Litigation Law、 Economic Law direction and law (law) Professional degree master's graduate school enrollment examination, The major of the major of learning before applying for the exam is Law Professional.

二、接收推荐 Exempting students复试工作

(1) Re -test party

我院21183_21191面试 Using online and offline combination面试形式, The on -site assessment form is adopted for the candidates of Tianjin Normal University; the 澳门新莆京app9817candidates for non -Tianjin Normal University adopt online assessment form。

(2) Interview time

面试时间21840_21853) morning22032_22045

          October 12, 澳门新莆京app98172023 (Thursday) at 10:30 am candidates for non -Tianjin Normal University

面试 ​​Application and confirmation

According to the Ministry of Education About 2024 exemption work arrangement, All recommended students must be in the "National Recommended Graduate Student Exemption for Graduate (Free Preliminary Exam、 Conversion) Information Disclosure a澳门新莆京app9817nd Management Service System "(URL: https:// yz. CHSI. com.22632_22649, For the application for exemption from the application Confirmation. The deadline for application is2023 October8

澳门新莆京app9817Candidates who receive exemption interviews in our hospital23319_23332, Please check it yourself。

) Qualification review

1. offline interview考生23773_23785


Foreign language transcripts or foreign language level certificate Original and photocopy;

③ The original and professiona澳门新莆京app9817l ranking (with the official seal of the Academic Affairs Office);


The materials provided by all are used A4 paper size (transcript can be formatted by the school).

2. Trial candidates on the line须于面试 Email method before (receiving material mailbox:25109_25122.25125_25138

25313_25328、 Different uploads on the opposite side, Please make sure the ID card frame is complete, Words are clearly visible, Uniform brightness);

Foreign language transcripts or foreign language level certificate Original photo;

澳门新莆京app9817澳门新莆京app9817③ The original photo of the transcript and the ranking of this major (with the official seal of the Academic Affairs Office);

24488_24503 The original electronic version materials

26123_26137 ③ Original material and ①26319_2633510 Before mail it to the Teaching Office of Law School。26578_26593 No. 393 Tianjin Normal University Main School of Law School of Law School (Xing B210), Postcode: 300387,26667_26682, Recipient: Teacher Zhang。26667_26681。

3. Candidates who have not qua澳门新莆京app9817lified for qualification or qualification review will not be approved面试 and admission.

Trial content and results evaluation

1. Trial content:

27563_27577、27553_27565, 澳门新莆京app9817the scores of each sub -item test are full to100

Professional quality and ability assessment includes foreign language level testing and professional test。28011_28026。

澳门新莆京app9817② Comprehensive quality and ability assessment includes practical ability testing and comprehensive interviews。28192_28209、 Innovation spirit and inno澳门新莆京app9817vation ability、28140_28153、 Use the theory learned to find problems、28185_28199。 also includes candidates' development dynamics and prospects for the professional development of the applicants, Candidates' scientific research and social work ability, Practice experience, Career Heart、 A sense of responsibility、 Collaborative Spirit、 behavior etiquette、 Evaluation of oral expression ability and physical and mental health。

2. Getting evaluation:

Total score of trial results 澳门新莆京app9817100 points, Professional quality and ability assessment scores include foreign language level testing and professional test,28712_28728, Foreign language level test accounts for 10%, Professional test accounted for 70%,28782_28799, The weight occupied by 20%。即:

Trial results = Foreign language level test results (percentage system) × 10%+professional test score (percentage system) × 70%+comprehensive quality and ability assessment results (percentage system) × 20%

29120_29132, Please inquire f澳门新莆京app9817or the candidate then。


Admission Rules:

1. Each discipline according to candidates面试29969_29986

2.30191_30208, Cancel its admission qualification。

澳门新莆京app9817① In the process of applying for exemption, it was found that there were fake behaviors;

② Violation of school rules and discipline, Disciplinary punishment by school, or being held legal responsible;

③ For the autumn of 2024, I have not obtained a bachelor's degree or an undergraduate diploma before the registration of the 2024 semester。

3. Interview Unqualified results (lower than 60 points) will 澳门新莆京app9817not be admitted.

Admission Notice

面试31336_3135031395_31410, After the candidate received the notice of admission, Must be confirmed by the "Exemination Service System" within 24 hours, Otherwise, 澳门新莆京app9817it is deemed to be abandoned。


After the list of admission is determined, Publicity on the website of our hospital (not less than ten working days)。

, funding and reward policy

(1) All admission is exempt from full -time non -on -the -job training (including academic and professional degree),32022_3203532165_32182

澳门新莆京app9817澳门新莆京app9817(2) Excellent exemption students inside and outside the school who are admitted to our school as a master's degree,32247_3226032373_32389 percentage of four houses and five entry, The ranking ranking is subject to the proof issued by the school academic affairs office where the school is located),32463_32476, Each person can get32532_32546

, other items

(1) According to the provisions of the Ministry of Education,32786_32800, No registration can be registered32912_32928, Otherwise, 澳门新莆京app9817it will cancel its exemption qualification。 Demand that has 澳门新莆京app9817not been accepted by the enrollment unit on the deadline for the deadline Life no longer retains exemption, You can choose to participate in the unified examination registration。 Destroy for exemptions to confirm on -site。

(2) All recommended master's degree graduate students should pay tuition fees on time。33154_33167 The relevant provisions on the Master's Admissions of Master's Graduate in 2024。

33436_33452 B210) Consultation Tel: 022-23766330。

Tianjin Normal University Law School

September 2023

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