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2023 Nian Law School on the relevant notification of political review materials for the admission master's degree
2023-04-04 23:03  

澳门新莆京app9817To admit candidates must download the attachment political review form, Personnel of the u澳门新莆京app9817nit where the candidate file is located、 After issuing opinions and stamps of the political worker department, Yu4 month30 Day Pre- Mailing to Law School

mail address: Tianjin Xiqing District, Pentsu West Road393 No. 1 Graduate Office of the Law School of Tianjin Normal University( XingB210), Postcode:300387, Phone:022-23766330, Recipient: Zhang Teacher。 Mail only acceptsEMS Method Please write the content of the material in the 澳门新莆京app9817postal bag, Format is as follows: Professional admission professional+ Candidates' name+ Political Audit Table。

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